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WHY Use a Security Gateway to Protect your Network Perimeter?

Many organisations connect to the internet using a basic router which usually provides minimal or no control over who or what is using your internet connection.

They also can allow traffic from the Internet through to your internal systems, often with only rudimentary control that provides little or no protection for your internal systems, and with little or no sensible method of monitoring what is happening at your network perimeter.

Basic ISP Router


At ethernal we particularly recommend the range of security gateways from Sophos and as a Sophos Cerified partner can supply the full range of SOPHOS security gateways.

Sophos Security Gateway

Although we can install, configure and integrate with many different firewalls and gateways, for most businesses, the Sophos range of security gateways provides an ideal solution to protect your network perimeter.

Sophos Unified Threat Management (UTM) security gateways are available in a variety of forms to suit a range of budgets from one man businesses to large corporations.

  • As a stand alone appliance
  • As a virtual machine in your VMware, Hyper-V or other virtualisation platform
  • As software to be installed on your own computer hardware
  • As a cloud service.

Sophos UTM devices contain a huge amount of functionality within a compact easy to manage device.

  • Stateful deep packet inspection firewall
  • Intrusion protection (IPS): Deep packet inspection engine, 18,000+ patterns
  • Selective IPS patterns for maximum performance and protection
  • IPS pattern aging algorithm for optimal performance
  • Flood protection: DoS, DDoS and portscan blocking
  • Country blocking by region or individual country (over 360 countries) with separate inbound/ outbound settings and exceptions
  • Site-to-site VPN: SSL, IPSec, 256- bit AES/3DES, PFS, RSA, X.509 certificates, pre-shared key
  • Remote access: SSL, IPsec, iPhone/ iPad/Cisco VPN client support
  • VoIP handling for SIP and H.323 connections
  • Connection tracking helpers: FTP, IRC, PPTP, TFTP
  • Identity-based rules and configuration with Authentication Agent for users
  • URL Filter database with 35 million+ sites in 96 categories and 65+ languages
  • Application Control: Accurate signatures and Layer 7 patterns for thousands of applications
  • Dynamic application control based on productivity or risk threshold
  • View traffic in real-time, choose to block or shape
  • Malware scanning: HTTP/S, FTP and web-based email via dual independent antivirus engines (Sophos & Avira) block all forms of viruses, web malware, trojans and spyware
  • Fully transparent HTTPS filtering of URLs
  • Option for selective HTTPS Scanning of untrusted sites
  • Advanced web malware protection with JavaScript emulation
  • Live Protection real-time in-the-cloud lookups for the latest threat intelligence
  • Potentially unwanted application (PUA) download blocking
  • Malicious URL reputation filtering backed by SophosLabs
  • Reputation threshold: set the reputation threshold a website requires to be accessible from internal network
  • Active content filter: File extension, MIME type, JavaScript, ActiveX, Java and Flash
  • True-File-Type detection/scan within archive files
  • YouTube for Schools enforcement
  • SafeSearch enforcement
  • Google Apps enforcement
  • Reputation service with spam outbreak monitoring based on patented Recurrent-Pattern-Detection technology
  • Advanced spam detection techniques: RBL, heuristics, SPF checking, BATV, URL scanning, grey listing, RDNS/ HELO checks, expression filter and recipient verification
  • Block spam and malware during the SMTP transaction
  • Detects phishing URLs within e-mails
  • Global & per-user domain and address black/white lists
  • Recipient Verification against Active Directory account
  • E-mail scanning with SMTP and POP3 support
  • Dual antivirus engines (Sophos & Avira)
  • True-File-Type detection/scan within archive files
  • Scan embedded mail formats: Block malicious and unwanted files with MIME type checking
  • Quarantine unscannable or over-sized messages
  • Filter mail for unlimited domains and mailboxes
  • Automatic signature and pattern updates
  • Sophos Live Anti-Virus real-time cloud lookups
  • Reverse proxy
  • URL hardening engine
  • Form hardening engine
  • Deep-linking control
  • Directory traversal prevention
  • SQL injection protection
  • Cross-site scripting protection
  • Dual-antivirus engines (Sophos & Avira)
  • HTTPS (SSL) encryption offloading
  • Cookie signing with digital signatures
  • Path-based routing
  • Outlook Anywhere protocol support
  • Reverse authentication (offloading) for form-based and basic authentication for server access
  • Auto server discovery scans attached networks and identifies web servers
  • Integrated load balancer spreads visitors across multiple servers
  • Predefined firewall profiles for Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  • Quick server switch allows easy maintenance
  • Skip individual checks in a granular fashion as required
  • Match requests from source networks or specified target URLs
  • Support for logical and/or operators
  • Assists compatibility with various configurations and non-standard deployments
  • Options to change WAF performance parameters
  • Upload custom WAF rules
  • Scan size limit option
  • Allow/Block IP ranges
  • Wildcard support for server paths
  • Automatically append a prefix/suffix for authentication
  • Windows endpoint protection with Sophos Antivirus and device control
  • On-access, on-demand or scheduled scanning for malware, viruses, spyware and Trojans
  • PUA scanning
  • Live Protection Antivirus provides real-time, in-thecloud lookups for the latest threat intelligence
  • HIPS with suspicious behavior detection
  • Web protection with malicious site protection
  • Download scanning
  • Device control including removable storage, optical media, modems, Bluetooth, wireless, infrared and more
  • Web in Endpoint enforcement of web policy and web malware scanning on the endpoint with full policy and reporting synchronization with the UTM
  • Fully managed within the UTM
  • Easy deployment from the UTM using using our installer
  • Monitor connected endpoints, threat status and device utilization with full log access
  • Alerts for infected endpoints

Sophos UTM devices support remote offices that allow all or selected traffic to/from remotes site to pass through the UTM thus enhancing security. These devices are called RED (Remote Ethernet Devices) for short.

  • Central Management of all RED appliances from Sophos UTM
  • No configuration: Automatically connects through a cloud-based provisioning service
  • Secure encrypted tunnel using digital X.509 certificates and AES256- encryption
  • RED sites are fully protected by the Network, Web and Mail security subscriptions of the Central UTM.
  • Virtual Ethernet for reliable transfer of all traffic between locations
  • IP address management with centrally defined DHCP and DNS Server configuration
  • Remotely de-authorize RED devices after a select period of inactivity
  • Compression of tunnel traffic* (RED 50, RED 10 revision 2, 3)
  • VLAN port configuration options* (RED 50)
  • Logging: Remote syslog, nightly rotation, email/ftp/ SMB/SSH archiving and log management service
  • On-box reporting: Packet filter, intrusion protection, bandwidth and day/week/month/year scales
  • Identity-based reporting
  • PDF or CSV report exporting
  • Executive report scheduling and archiving
  • Reactive reporting engine crafts reports as you click on data
  • Save, instantly email or subscribe recipients to any reports Ì PDF and CSV exporting of reports
  • Nightly compression and rotation of logs
  • Log file archiving: On-box, FTP, SMB, SSH, Email and Syslog
  • Hundreds of on-box reports
  • Daily activity reporting
  • URL filter override report
  • Per-user tracking and auditing
  • Anonymization of reporting data to enforce privacy policy
  • Full transaction log of all activity in human-readable format
  • Web log searching parameters per user, URL or action
  • Sophos iView dedicated reporting appliance

For a more comprehensive look at the features of Sophos UTM security gateways please refer to complete feature list


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