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Automated monitoring of your entire network

Minimise system downtimes by proactively monitoring your critical business systems

Businesses rely on their networks for data, communication, and backbone operations. Slow performance and outages can impact the bottom line of your business.

Continuous monitoring enables you to find problems and resolve them before they escalate. Our consultants install remote monitoring probes on your network which record large numbers of parameters. When a certain threshold is reached, alarms and email alerts are generated ensuring that you can often prevent problems from occuring.

Network Monitoring


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Performance and availability monitoring

There are more than 80 different types of sensors that can be used to monitor a huge variety of network protocols and services such as HTTP, SMTP, FTP etc, in addition to performance counters such as CPU, hard drive space and internet traffic.

Alerts are automatically generated via email so the Ethernal support team can pro-actively respond. This ensures that your systems are constantly being monitored and kept running smoothly, as potential issues are identified before they impact your network.

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