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Changing your business broadband supplier is not as easy as plugging in their new router...

Although this method will generally work well for residential broadband, your business broadband connection is much more complex.

If you simply swap ISP (Internet Service Provider) and connect a different router your server(s) and network infrastructure WILL cease working properly and both your inbound and outbound emails will stop being delivered.

Contact our network consultants who will be able to advise on the implications of changing suppliers and help you to plan for the change, including:

  • Setting up static IP addresses
  • Configuration of routers
  • Ensuring your emails are being sent and received correctly
  • Setting up VPNs to the office for home and remote workers
  • Ensuring your website is still accessible if you host this on your own servers

Don't change suppliers without a solid migration plan or you'll disrupt your business through downtime.